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New scholarship program helps students go the ‘last mile’

For students who are only a few credits shy of earning a college degree, a new program in Florida could provide the motivation they need to finish what they started.

The Last Mile Completion Program offers scholarship dollars for students who are within 12 credits of completing a degree. Last week, Governor DeSantis announced that all 28 state colleges will participate in the program, offering a pathway to re-enrollment for students who had to put their degrees on hold for any reason.

It’s estimated that more than 300,000 residents in the Tampa Bay area have some college experience but have not graduated, a significant portion of our community that could benefit from the financial opportunities a degree offers.

To qualify for a scholarship you’ll need to meet the basic criteria:
– Be a Florida resident;
– Be in good academic standing
– Be within 12 credit hours of completing your first associate or bachelor’s degree; and
– Have attended a regionally accredited post-secondary institution within the past eight years.

If you think you might qualify for the program and are interested in finishing your degree, Hillsborough Community College and St. Petersburg College are the Tampa Bay area’s state colleges participating in the program. Each school may have additional requirements from those listed above. Contact the college’s financial aid office to get more details and to learn about other financial aid opportunities that might be available to you as you complete the last mile of your education.

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