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First Generation College

First in the Family

We know being the first in your family to attend college can be intimidating, so we want you to know there are resources to support you in your goals!
This can be a huge step for you and your family, but you are not alone.

There are many scholarships, support networks, and special programs out there to help you succeed and blaze the trail to a more prosperous life for you and the ones you love.

Here are some resources that can help you navigate being the first person in your immediate family to enroll in postsecondary education:

As always, you can contact LEAP if you need support navigating the process of applying to school!

Matt Smith

Completion Coach, LEAP Tampa Bay

Does your dream career require a college degree?

Florida Shines has many resources to help you plan for college. You can research the different colleges and universities in Florida and see the degree programs they offer, including those that are offered as online programs.