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Report Offers Insight on Adults with “Some College, No Degree”

New research from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC) provides fresh insights into the population of adults in the U.S. who started college, but never completed a degree.

The researchers found that 36 million adults across the U.S. fall into the “some college, no degree” category. Locally, approximately 250,000 Hillsborough and Pinellas county residents started college, but did not finish, according to the Florida College Access Network. Reaching those who already have some college under their belt could make a significant difference as we strive to increase the number of adults earning a degree or high-quality credential, both locally and on a national level.

With a considerable amount of time and money already invested in their education — but without the benefits a credential can bring — non-completers have much to gain from re-enrollment. However, the report shows that a small slice of the population is the most likely to return (those who have earned at least two years’ worth of full-time college credits during the last 10 years).

Other highlights of the report, according to NSCRC:

-Non-completers are more likely to re-enroll and complete at a different institution than the one they last attended, but in the same state. Only 38 percent returned to the same institution.

-Returning students were more likely to have re-enrolled at public institutions rather than private institutions.

-Online enrollees were more likely to have returned to online institutions.

Read more about the report’s findings at Inside Higher Ed>>

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