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New report highlights college access networks in Florida

The Helios Education Foundation has released a new brief detailing the work local college access networks – including LEAP Tampa Bay – are doing in Florida.

In the new report, Collective Impact That Advances Postsecondary Degree Attainment in Florida, Helios’ researchers “describe the efforts of cross-sector coalitions called ‘local college access networks’ (LCANs) to increase the number of individuals who access and complete a postsecondary education,” according to the Florida College Access Network (FCAN).

LEAP Tampa Bay is one of 13 LCANs that make up the FCAN network and are working to promote higher education through a “collective impact” model of public and private partnerships.

In June, Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation that establishes the “SAIL to 60” initiative, which aims to increase the percentage of working-age Floridians with a high-quality postsecondary certificate, degree or training experience to 60% by 2030. The bill also calls for the state to provide greater support for FCAN. Through a series of case studies (including one about LEAP), the Helios brief looks at how LCANs are engaging best practices to support that initiative, and ultimately align degree completion to the state’s growing workforce needs.

You can learn more about the Helios research and download the full report on the FCAN website.

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